With Stion superior technology, the thin film’s best days are yet to come, and set to win in Solar.

Why Stion Thin-Film

  • Excellent High Temperature Performance
    Lower than industry average temperature coefficient leads to increased power output at high temperatures
  • Exceptional Shading Performance
    The unique cell architecture leads to higher kWh generation in shade conditions allowing denser deployment. Shading 50% of a Stion module leads to a 50% reduction in power output compared to a 98% output reduction for typical crystalline silicon modules.
  • Best in class aesthetics
    Black design with virtually invisible cell lines offers industry leading aesthetics.
  • All-Weather Performance
    Extraordinary results in all conditions.
  • Meticulously Made in the USA.  A badge we promote with Pride.
    We make decisions we believe are in the best interest of our customers and community.  One of those decisions was promoting, exporting world-class products created and manufactured in the USA.   Stion thin-film panels are created in California and manufactured in Mississippi.
  • Red Herring Top Tech
    Stion is awarded top 100 Tech Startup in the U.S.
  • Thin-film for the Masses
    Exceptional performance for all application.
  • Almost Invisible Cell Lines
    Black design offers industry leading aesthetics.