Redefining solar technology through materials, design and expertise

Stion Technology

Stion combines state-of-the-art materials and device expertise with proven, repeatable, high-yield production processes to manufacture high-efficiency thin-film solar panels. Funded by industry leading investors and run by some of the most accomplished figures in solar, the company aims to redefine the thin-film category with cutting-edge technology, superior manufacturing, and a scalable, low-cost equipment platform.

Key Design Advantages

We achieve technological differentiation through a variety of precisely controlled manufacturing techniques, namely two-stage absorber formation, proprietary TCO deposition, and bi-layer base electrode deposition. These differentiated and precisely controlled techniques include:

  • An integrated circuit on low-cost float glass, a precise two-step absorber formation process allowing each element to be optimally deposited
  • A proprietary transparent conductor enabling superior photocurrent generation
  • A bi-layer sputtering process for the base electrode that results in significantly improved patterning

These advances allow Stion to manufacture some of the industry’s most efficient thin-film panels, including a 14.1% production-scale circuit which sets a new high for monolithically integrated thin films while continuing to drive forward a roadmap for further efficiency gains.

Single-Junction CIGS Device


High-Yield Manufacturing – Stion Process Flow


Standardized Tool Equipment

Stion’s strategy is to innovate on materials and process, while using proven, high-yield, high-throughput equipment for production. The company leverages tools adapted from diversified, global industries with established equipment supply chains and proven suppliers, including automotive, architectural glass, display, and semiconductors. This strategy enables Stion to expand production rapidly at reasonable cost. Stion’s simple production processes enables low manufacturing costs as well as lower capital investment compared to leading competitors. This allows for faster and more efficient expansion and better returns on capital invested. Stion’s approach enables low capital costs that are comparable to other industry-leading platforms and better than crystalline silicon.