Energevity provides you with a comprehensive, end-to-end solution spans all four phases of a typical 5kW to 1000MW solar power installation:

Site evaluation and sourcing
Our teams gather requirements, conduct a site analysis, determine which technologies are best for your situation, and provide you with the best solution at the best price.

Energevity team designs your system to minimize solar energy costs and maximize system lifetime.

Energevity refers you to licensed contractors who provide onsite management, address any construction challenges, mitigate risk and ensure quality results.

System maintenance and energy management
Energevity offers custom maintenance and energy management packages to ensure your system always performs at peak efficiency.


Energy Management

We analyze all information on your PV system quickly and professionally, identify errors at an early stage using  SolarEdge Monitoring System and immediately initiate the necessary action to ensure that your system gets back on track again. Your data is in good hands, because we attach great importance to the security of our data.

To maximize the effectiveness of your system, errors in all subsystems are fixed quickly and efficiently by our specialized staff. We optimize the generation potential and energy yield of your PV plant, as well as identifying vulnerabilities and damage in order to prevent consequential damage. Furthermore, we ensure low downtimes with the help of intelligent spare parts warehousing. . Our work is focused on quality – take a look and see for yourself!



Stion offers financing solutions through Admirals Bank.   




Stion panels can help your school or University power its campuses and medical centers more sustainably at much lower cost.



Stion panels can help you save money on your electricity bill, gain energy independence and increase your property’s re-sale value. Stion panels can offset high peak electricity rates and have a number of key features that are particularly advantageous for residential applications, including superb aesthetics and exceptional shade tolerance.



Stion panels can help your business, manufacturing facility or municipality mitigate future rising energy costs, while also meeting key sustainability objectives such as reducing your carbon footprint. In addition to numerous product benefits, such as lower balance of systems and installed cost than competing thin-film products, Stion offers a strong base of authorized partners to install the product and all products are made in the USA.



In addition to helping utilities comply with renewable portfolio standards, solar provides an effective peak shaving mechanism and eases congestion in grid-constrained areas. Stion provides one of the largest, highest efficiency thin-film panels for utility installations. The panels’ relatively low voltages enable more panels per string, creating significant savings on system components and resulting in lower installed cost. Additionally, Stion will be introducing a frameless module soon that is ideal for utility scale projects.



In addition to providing power to buildings and utility plants, solar panels can also be used for a variety of other applications, including cathodic protection, fence charging, lighting, traffic and signage, and rural electrification.

The intelligent STION solar modules and the long-lasting advanced battery storage systems, together make up integrated system solutions that make it possible to supply energy to systems and buildings without grid connections. These systems can not only help to save costs for fossil fuels, e.g. diesel generators, but also supply energy to areas with no or unreliable access to the grid. The use of renewable sources of energy such as solar energy makes this versatile off-grid solution an environmentally-friendly alternative. Furthermore, it is much more cost effective than conventional systems and pays for itself within a very short time. By offering individual planning and implementation, Energevity can deliver solutions for isolated operations that are perfectly tailored to meet customer needs.